bukit gundul gunung kawi
bukit gundul enterance in gunung kawi tampaksiring

Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring

Banjar Penaka is a name of village in tampaksiring, this place is also called as “Gunung Kawi” village. In this place there are so many historic relics that Dedicated to Udayana dynasty, its created by Udayana’s sons, Marakata and Anak Wungsu who command the bali kingdom in 11th century.

until now, the building is used as a place for prayer by local people. Traditional ceremony is usually Celebrated every full moon Kapat in balinese calendar (in september). This place is also used as a tourist attraction managed by Village and Government of the Republic Indonesia

gunung kawi temple
northeastern gunung kawi temple

How to enter Gunung Kawi Temple?

Parking area

gunung kawi parking lot
gunung kawi parking lot

You only need to pay the parking fees here, Rp2.000 for Motorcycle, Rp5.000 for Car Rp10.000 for Bus. if you drive motorcycle, you can drive until near temple. but if you park at in parking lot, you have to walk 150 meters straight to the east.

Ticket office

Gunung Kawi's Ticket Office
Gunung Kawi’s Ticket Office

Purchase a tickets at the counter(left of the road if you come from the main parking lot. Rp15.000 for Adult and Rp.8.000 for Children and than go to the checkpoint in the eastern Ticket office.


Checkpoint, you can borrow sarong here.

Give the ticket you have bought to the local people who will check your ticket while giving a shawl/sarong to borrow. You can return the shawl/sarong once finished exploring the Gunung Kawi Temple.

In The Main Temple

Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring
Main area of Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring

In the main temple region, you may perform common activities such as photographing, recording, etc. You should only wash your feet / hands in the river, rice field, or toilet.

If there are traders who persuade you to buy sarongs, and you feel annoyed. You can say “I have one” or “I will borrow from the temple”.

they are traders from outside the village who usually sell at a shop near parking lot or roadside shop. The village already provides the means for tourists who want to visit the temple.

F.A.Q about Gunung Kawi


  • Operation Time?
  • We open 08:00 AM until 06:00 PM Every day except Nyepi (quiet day / balinese new year)


  • The entrance fee?
  • Rp15.000 for Adult, Rp8.000 for Children (Update on November 2018 ; Rp50.000 for Adult and Rp20.000 for Children.) . You also should pay Parking ticket if you drive by yourself, Rp2.000 for Motorcycle, Rp5.000 for Car, Rp10.000 for Bus


  • Do i need sarong or shawl to enter?
  • Don’t worried, you can borrow at Checkpoin after pay the entrance fee. Just show your ticket, they will lend you sarong or shawl to enter the temple.


  • Other Question?
  • Use Contact Form or use chat bubble in bottom right to ask something when we was online. For Quick Reply, Click This to Chats on WhatsApp. Our locals Volunteers will answer your question.

Please do not!


  1. Make a sexual activity
  2. Climb up buildings or monuments
  3. Wear shoes or sandals to enter certain place (there are an instructions in the place)
  4. Put your shoes, sandals, underwear or your clothes / dress on any buildings. This action is a violation of the norm
  5. Unethical activities such as drunk, damaging something, picking flowers or fruit without       permission from locals. You should follow the rules that are usually written on the    board, stone or fabric


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